Towednack Baptisms

1676 - 1699




Jane d. of Robert Curnow                            Oct. 8
Anne d. of Andrew Rosewall                           -  18
Mary d. of William Bottrall                         Sep. 16
Mary d. of Isreal Quick                             Jan. 27


Honour d. of John Ninnis                            Mar. 30
Sarah d. of Thomas James                            Apl. 6
Thomas s. of Thomas Stevens                         May 21
Richard s. of John Trevorrow                        Aug. 12
Andrew s. of John Roberts                           Sep. 22
Martin s. of Lambert Martins                        Nov. 1
Jane d. of Thomas Hodge                              "  10
Jane d. of Samson Thomas                             "  20
Samuel s. of Susannah Bottrel                       Feb. 18


John s. of Lambert Martins                          Feb. 26


James s. of James Pearce                            Apl. 25
Phillis d. of James Harris                          May 23
Catherine d. of Simon Peter                          "  23
Chestion d. of John Thomas                           "  26
Eleanor d. of Richard Baragwanath                   June 6
Matthew s. of Matthew Trewhella                     Oct. 3
Prudence d. of Thomas Quick                          -   3
John s. of John Woolcock                            Jan. 16
Philip s. of Vincent Teed [I.e. EDE - W.T.H.]       Feb. 20
[after this entry there is a vacant space]
[until the following entry of 30 Apl. 1681]


Frances d. of Lambert Martins                       Apl. 30
John s. of John Roberts                             May 15
Andrew s. of Richard Pearce                          -  15
Thomas s. of John Thomas                            Aug. 14
Charles s. of Matthew Curnow                        Feb. 26


Mary d. of Matthew Trewhella                        Apl. 30
Thomas s. of John Woolcock                          July 28
Florence d. of John Sandow                          Sep. 10
Ann d. of Richard Ninnis                            Oct. 8
Samuel s. of Lambert Martins                        Feb. 24
William s. of Peter Standon                         Mar. 21


Ann d. of Andrew Stevens                            Apl. 9
Thomas s. of Thomas Quick                           Sep. 24
Sarah d. of Vincent Ede                              "   16
Joan d. of Simon Peter                              Oct. 7
Richard s. of Thomas Curnow                          "  20


James s. of John Thomas                             May 11
Phillis d. of James Harry                           June 29
Elizabeth d. of Matthew Curnow                      Sep. 14
Maudlin d. of Richard Pearce                        June 29
Solomon s. of John Russel                           Oct. 19
Catharine d. of Matthew Trewhella                    -   19
Malachi s. of John Hingston                         Mar. 15
Elizabeth d. of John Woolcock                       Feb. 9


Margaret d. of William Berryman                     Apl. 12
Richard s. of Richard Ninnis                         -   20
Thomasine d. of Lambert Martins                     May 3
Ann d. of Nicholas Noal                             June 28
Vivian s. of Andrew Stevens                         Feb. 16
Israel s. of Matthew Quick                          Mar. 20


William s. of John Sandow                           Apl. 25
Magdalen d. of Tobias Odger                         May 29
William s. of Matthew Curnow                        July 4
Grace d. of Lambert Martins                         Aug. 29
Lewis s. of Simon Peter                             Sep. 12
Thomas s. of Thomas Michell                          -   19


Thomas s. of Richard Ninnis                         May 1
Mary d. of Richard Pearce                           Aug. 14
John s. of Peter Curnow                             Sep. 11
Francis s. of Matthew Quick                         Nov. 13
James s. of John Woolcock, junr                     Jan. 22


Tobias s. of Tobias Odger                           Apl. 4
Margery d. of Andrew Stevens                        Feb. 9
Thomas s. of Matthew Curnow                         Jan. 7


Wilmot d. of John Holman                            May 9
Matthew s. of James Woolcock                        June 23
Elizabeth d. of William Stevens                     July 7
Catharine d. of Simon Peter                          -  14
Joan d. of John Thomas                              Aug. 11
Andrew s. of Matthew Quick                          Oct. 20
William s. of Martin Trewhella                       -   27
Robert s. of Peter Curnow                           Nov. 23
Mary d. of Richard Ninnis                           Feb. 26


Alexander s. of Tobias Odger                        Apl. 6
William s. of Richard Pearce                         -  22
Elizabeth d. of William Trewhella                    -  30
Dorothy d. of Thomas Trewhella                      May 7
Richard s. of Gregory Jenkin                        Sep. 14
Elizabeth d. of John Woolcock                       Jan. 26
Thomas s. of Martin Trewhella                       Sep. 28
James s. of Charles Tyack                           Nov. 2
John s. of John Stevens                             Jan. 6
Mary d. of John Woolcock                             -  13
Richard s. of Richard Oats                          Mar. 22


Elizabeth d. of John Thomas                         Aug. 16
Michael s. of Michael Curnow                        Sep. 13
Elizabeth d. of Paul Quick                          Oct. 11
Mary d. of Martin Trewhella                         Dec. 28
Margaret d. of Matthew Oates                        Nov. 11
Mary d. of Peter Curnow                             Jan. 5
David s. of Lambert Martins                          "   3
James s. of William Trewhella                       Feb. 7
Elizabeth d. of James Woolcock                      Mar. 13


Alice d. of John Reynolds of Lelant                 May 7
William s. of William Ninnis                        Aug. 3
Matthew s. of John Stevens                           -   5
Hannibal s. of James Trevorrow                      Jan. 26
Elizabeth d. of John Woolcock                        -   26
William s. of John Stevens                          Feb. 5
Paul s. of Paul Quick                                -   5


John s. of John Trewhella                           May 7
Catharine d. of David Curnow                        Oct. 17
Sarah d. of Alice Russel                            Dec. 3
William s. of James Harris                           -  10
Joseph s. of Richard Ninnis                          -  24
Jane d. of Michael Curnow                           Jan. 14
Sarah d. of Matthew Quick                            -   14
Elizabeth d. of Tobias Odger                        Mar. 2


Martin s. of Martin Trewhella                       May 1
Anne d. of Peter Curnow                              -  6
Thomas s. of William Ninnis                         Aug. 19
Jane d. of John Stevens                             Oct. 7
Catharine d. of William Trewhella                    -  28
Robert s. of Robert Curnow                          Jan. 19
Margery d. of John Stevens                          Feb. 17
Margaret d. of Simon Peter                          Oct. 28
Jane d. of Paul Quick                               Mar. 9


Martin s. of Martin Trewhella                       Mar. 26
David s. of David Curnow                             -   26
Loveday d. of Christopher Uren                       -   26
John s. of Charles Tyack                            Apl. 28
John s. of John Baragwanath                         June 15
James s. of John Trewhella                          Dec. 29
William s. of James Row                              -   29
Vernon s. of Matthew Curnow                         Nov. 8
Honour d. of John Woolcock                          Mar. 22


Peter s. of Peter Curnow                            May 10
Andrew s. of Mary Paul of Gwithian                  June 2
Jane d. of Matthew Quick                            Apl. 26
William s. of William Baragwanath                   Jan. 30
John s. of William Ninnis                            -   30


William s. of William Trewhella                     Apl. 11
Mary d. of Tobias Odger                             June 1
William s. of David Curnow                           -   6
John s. of Paul Quick                               July 4
Alice d. of Martin Trewhella                        Aug. 22
Andrew s. of Robert Curnow                          Dec. 26
James s. of James Row                               Jan. 23
Edward s. of Charles Tyack                          Feb. 13


Anne d. of Nicholas Stevens                         Oct. 30
Prudence d. of John Trewhella                        -   30
John s. of Benjamin Lean of Lelant                  Nov. 27
John s. of Thomas Hosking of Lelant                  -   27
Thomasine d. of Simon Thomas of Lelant              Dec. 26
Thomas s. of Michael Curnow                         Feb. 19


Richard s. of William Baragwanath                   Aug. 6
James s. of Paul Quick                              Sep. 24
Joan d. of William Trewhella                        Nov. 12
Joan d. of William Ninnes                           Mar. 10

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